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PALMER//HARDING by Alex Zagalsky

By Alex Zagalsky on Feb 26 2014

Our lovely contributor Alex Zagalsky of BYOUTIFULYOU.COM was shortlisted as one of the 5 winning bloggers for London Fashion Weekend! Here is her entry....

Take a simple concept and stretch it to the limits of its rationale. Pull it apart, challenge its beauty, question its origins and recreate it in another guise. The defining core is still there, but now you're left with something ephemeral, inspirational and magical. Pardon my poetry, but if ever there were a couple of modern day Romantics, it would be palmer//harding, the male design duo whose fascination with a simple garment, the shirt, has taken them through time and beyond the cultural confines of this sartorial staple.

The beauty of their collections is really in their ability to deconstruct, reinterpret and reinvent this garment with sculptural finesse. And just like that they are architects too!

Their Spring/Summer 2014 women's collection was, for me at least, a clin d'oeil to feminist empowerment through the ages. It was all there as the models strutted down the catwalk: the mighty greek goddess, the bold business woman commanding authority and autonomy, the female super hero (in caped elegance), and even the modern-day archangel in pristine white with a little leg on show to demonstrate prowess in the modern world. Whatever palmer//harding have planned for London Fashion Week this season, promises to be an adventure for the imagination.