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Maddie On Things

By Lori on Feb 28 2014

Every canine lover out there will know how much you consider your dog a part of the family, your sidekick, best friend. But business partner never usually springs to mind... Well, it did for Theron Humphrey and his lovely coonhound Maddie.

Humphrey In 2011, quit his day job as a corporate photographer at a women's fashion studio. He returned home and started to film the life story of his Grandad. Not long after, his Grandad passed away, but Humphrey took comfort in the fact he had been able to capture his life and will always have that special part of him documented.

This set him on a mission to travel across America and document other people's journeys, and he called the project 'The Wild Idea'. He set out to photograph and interview one person every day for 365 days, posting all their stories to his website.

One day on the road, Humphrey put Maddie on his truck, hoping she would stay there long enough for him to capture the moment. Humphrey highly underestimated Maddie and soon learned of her patience and mad acrobatic skills to balance on an array of objects. Humphrey then started photographing Maddie, well, on things. From Nutella jars to water fountains, basketball hoops and phone booths, even a giant turtle!

Humphrey started to post the photos of Maddie on Instagram while on his travels across America. Soon Maddie became a viral sensation! Today he has over 441,000 followers who eagerly anticipate what Maddie will do next! Maddie has her own website, book and prints are available to purchase online.

One of our favourite photography series with a beautiful story behind it!