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Pai Skincare

By Cat Penn on Mar 05 2014

For anyone with sensitive skin (or blemish prone skin, or dry skin, or any skin for that matter) you know how hard it can be to find skincare that doesn’t aggravate your facial concerns and is also a pleasure to use. Enter Pai Skincare, a unique brand that is bringing gorgeous, natural skincare to the people of the world, right out of the heart of London.

Sarah Brown, Pai’s creator, says the idea for the company came to her after years of suffering from a skin allergy; after researching in to cosmetic and skincare companies and being shocked at the high levels of chemicals used in their misleadingly branded ‘natural’ products she was inspired to create all natural skincare that actually worked. The brand is primarily geared towards sensitive skin, however there’s something for everyone whether your skin is dry, oily, dull or even if your skin is freaking out due to pregnancy.

All of Pai’s ingredients are naturally derived and chemical free – if you can’t pronounce it, you won’t find it in Pai. All of Pai’s products are free from chemically synthetized scents too, so no heavy smells to clog pores or irritate skin. The only scent you’ll find in your Pai skincare are the ones that occour naturally when creating the products.

Finally, vegans, vegetarians and animal lovers rejoice because Pai’s skincare is free from animal testing, only willing humans have had the pleasure of trying out Pai’s range before it being released to the masses, meaning you can have gorgeous skin and be guilt free.

Pai is available online and from various stockists around the world. Our top picks are definitely the Camellia and Rose Hydrating Cleanser and the Kukui & Jojoba Bead Skin Brightening Exfoliator, the former provides a luxurious creamy cleanse that leaves you clean and plumped whilst the latter buffs away dead skin cells to leave you glowing without skin feeling stripped and dry. Of course if you’re feeling spoilt for choice and can’t decide on which product to try first you could always opt for the trail size selection pack, at only £8 for six sample sizes of their best sellers you’re bound to find something perfect for you.