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A Fashionista In The Mountains

By Guest Writers on Mar 14 2014

We love hearing from our readers and we were thrilled to hear from Saioa who wanted to share her story of a city fashionista's move to the mountains! Here is what she shared with us...

I live in a small town in the mountains of Catalonia. I work from home for an American company, my neighbors have an average age of 55 years. A panorama quite far from a blogger or a fashion show. Eight months ago love brought me to this little outpost in the middle of Nature, but I have not given up reading my fashion journals, sharing them with my neighbors, listening to Madonna and heading every Sunday to the local Flea Market, to find something cool.

I will not say that fashion is my passion, I think that is trite. Fashion is one of the plans of my life and somehow with my common reality, my surroundings, I would like to share with you my reality and the opinions of the people around me about this crazy and changing world called “FASHION”.

FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD….but not too much.

Here's Chapter 1!

A wide inconsistency is starting to take my life: in each of my approaches to urban centres or business trips I bring a new pair of shoes at home. I try not to be noticed, throwing away the boxes, and I appeal to an usual answer: "New ones?, Oh no!! I've had them for years!!!". Sometimes, also, I add the typical phrase that he never does look at me, to hide my guilt even more.

According to a recent study of psychiatry, to have 20 pairs of shoes is normal; between 30 to 40, we could speak of feminine coquetry or fashion sense; and from 50, in addition, you, consciously or guiltily, lie about the number you really have or have bought secretly, we can speak of true addiction. For now, I'm in the “healthy” first group, which I have increased with my recent acquisition.

When my boyfriend saw them, he said something about comfort or convenience, or the “Green Way” I usually take to go to the train station. (see photo)

But who cares about comfort!! Comfort has nothing to do with elegance!!.

I've also read things like buying a pair of shoes makes our brain release dopamine, providing a welfare state and mood, or provides a mini-adrenaline rush. I think that is literally what I felt when I saw them in the shop. But I must be honest, it's not what I felt when I walked through the "Green Way", fighting with my pride and thinking about putting a complaint in the local council requesting to cover the holes that are in the "Green Way".

But then a lovely feeling comes back to comfort me: I just feel more sexy with a pair of tall and elegant shoes. As Christian Louboutin says "It's kind of face-lifting, with the difference that there is no suffering and that shoes can take them off."

Signing out from the mountains for now but I shall be back to share more adventures!

Saioa ;-) x