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Wardrobe planning for autumn/winter, part one.

By Alex Churton on Sep 26 2012

BuyMyWardrobe seller, Gill Davies is a personal stylist working with real women to develop their personal style and wardrobes to inspire ease and enjoyment in dressing for their lifestyle and environment. Here Gill shares her tips on preparing a new season wardrobe…

The Autumn/Winter collections are in the shops, magazines and on the bill boards and the weather has obligingly taken a dip in temperature to get us all excited about getting our new season wardrobe replenished!

But take a minute or perhaps invest an hour or so in maximising the potential of your current wardrobe and your budget.

Wardrobe planning – the cathartic bit

Tip 1. Clear out all high summer wear to a separate space or one end of your wardrobe.

Tip 2. Remove season appropriate items which are too worn to wear or haven’t been worn for the last two A/W seasons. Divide these into throw away, charity and resale or if you’re unsure you want to give the item up place it in a different space and see if you go back to it. Even quite worn designer items with recognisable labels can be sold on eBay, be clear about any damage, go for a low price and even group items together, everything helps! Those designer items in good condition approach a trusted pre-loved site such as BuyMyWardrobe.

Tip 3. Identify items which need to be dry cleaned, mended or altered including shoes. Bare in mind most items can be altered to fit if too big. A good tailor should be able to take in necklines, move shoulders in, slim and hem anything at a good price. Don’t automatically dismiss items just because they are too big or don’t hang correctly on your frame but otherwise desirable.

For shoes – visit Classic Shoe Repairs, these guys are the best in the business and even have special agreement to have the red leather to repair Louboutin soles.

For clothing alternations – Mother and Daughter duo Finiks Tailors, based opposite the BBC Centre, were hired by Ralph Lauren this Summer to fit all the USA Olympic and Paralympic athletes. The loveliest, capable, most efficient tailors I know. Call Lilly on 07728332084.

Tip 4. Organise items into outfits, some pieces will feature more than once. Note down pieces you need to complete or update outfits including outerwear. Think about how you use items to maximise your budget by downgrading items to everyday kicking about, for instance shortening trouser hemlines to wear with flats for casual wear and keeping newer items for smartwear, social or work.

Tip 5. Outfits can often be updated by changing or adding one piece. Knitwear is a big story for Autmn/ Winter especially the loose and oversized knit. Choosing an oversized cardigan instead of a blazer will update last years outfit.

Tip 6. It’s useful during the season to take note of items you could do with but don’t manage to find or get within your budget. This list should be priority if you have a budget for shopping the sales.

Tip 7. Need advice on wardrobe dilemma’s email me at and look out for my next blog on ‘Shopping Planning’ to get the best out of your budget!