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Shorts Story

By Lori on Mar 18 2014

It's not ground breaking news or a must have trend but shorts are always going to be part of our wardrobes. With the sun starting to skip it's way back into our lives, it's time to soak up the Vitamin D and get those pins out! This Spring, shorts range from casual to elegant with a variety of choices. Here's the short guide...

Patterned Shorts
If your legs are your best asset then flaunt what your mama gave ya and opt for a printed bright pair of shorts. Tropical prints will catch the eye, balance the outfit out with a relaxed solid blouse.

Lace Shorts
If you're not one for masculine tailoring then take a ladylike approach with a lace pair of shorts. Keep your look simple with a t-shirt!

Bermuda Shorts
The bermuda shorts were all over New York's runways last year and they're still having a notable presence this season. These shorts are for the girls who have never felt like they can pull off the denim cheek baring daisy dukes.

Tailored Shorts
Shorts have made the leap from holiday wear to wardrobe staple. These are for the city girls who are bored of tights and trousers. A well tailored tuxedo short is not only work appropriate but also looks super chic! Match with a structured shirt or neutral blouse and you have a whole new office look!

Denim Cutoffs
The mother of all shorts, your youth rolled into one clothing item, the denim hot pants. If you can pull these off then we say take notes from Alexa Chung; embrace festival styles with a soft blouse and add edgy extras, like a motorcycle jacket, ankle boots and a leather backpack!