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‘To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing Out The World’

By Cat Penn on Mar 19 2014

If you like a good book full of twists, turns and the unexpected may we point you in the direction of Lucy Siegle’s 2011 book ‘To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing Out The World’. In four words, you need this book. An enlightening, shocking and frequently frightening look at what really goes on in order to supply the ever demanding high street. Dense with the kind of facts and figures that will make you gasp out loud and then want to tell the person next to you on the tube. Written in a tone that is informative and not preachy this book really does get you hooked on wanting to know more about the catastrophes of the fashion industry, and then on what you can do to change the plight of fast fashion. Luckily Siegle doesn’t leave you high and dry when it comes to solutions, but is realistic in saying the high street is a difficult beast to tame. A must have for anyone who loves the fashion industry as a whole, no stone is left unturned in this eye opening read.

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