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Behind The Scenes

By Cat Penn on Mar 20 2014

On Monday the 18th of March the BuyMyWardrobe office and our neighbouring pub The Lockhart played host to six of our favourite stylists to take part in a photoshoot for a very exciting upcoming project.

My name’s Cat and I’m the current intern here at BuyMyWardrobe, this is my behind the scenes look at what went on when our stylish friends came to visit.

Late afternoon our gorgeous makeup artist Shakira from Sarah Aristry arrived with an enviable box of makeup in tow, she set up in our offices downstairs and got to work on our first arrival Lisa Talbot. As soon as she was ready I whisked her over to our set for the evening: The Lockhart. She began shooting with photographer and blogger Jai’me Jan of BoyMeetsFashion.

Next in the make up hot seat was Sarah Delaney from NotesFromAStylist, followed by Suzanne Bernie founder of Coathanger. Whilst the ladies were enjoying a drink and having their individual shots taken, the final three stylists arrived; Sarah Barlow from Company magazine, costume stylist Molly Rowe and Chloe Beeny. When the final three ladies were made up we headed back across the road to the shooting area for the group shots.

As you can see the women look incredible and each showcase their own personal style wonderfully. We love how the looks work together well in the group shots as well as individually and I for one am very jealous of items worn on set (though if I had to choose just one I’d have that muimui skirt in a heartbeat!)

We can’t wait to share with you the finished articles, but for now you can drool over these teaser shots from behind the scenes!