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Meet Stylist Suzanne Bernie

By Suzanne Bernie on Apr 02 2014

1. Describe your personal style and what are your 3 favorite things in your wardrobe?

My style is masculine shapes with a feminine twist.
My 3 favorite things in my wardrobe are:

My No.21 – beautiful navy blue coat
My Viviane Westwood cream silk blouse
My Kooples blue leather biker jacket
Adding my favorite scarves and accessories to all the above!

2. If you could style anyone who would it be and why?

I once thought my ultimate dream would be to style a shoot for Vogue, I then had the privilege of styling Elizabeth Hurley for Vogue.

After Coathanger was founded 10 years ago, I now realise that styling everyday people from all walks of life, careers and countries is a dream come true.

3. Have you always had a love for fashion and what did it mean to you growing up?

I have always had a fascination with fashion. Since primary school I created outfits which looked great and bought out my true personality and that's the power of good style.

Even though I’m a northern gal London is my home and the only place that truly feeds my creative desires.

4. How did you get into Styling and why did you choose this as a career path?

I worked in wholesale fashion before I became a stylist. Running a fashion showroom in London’s West End selling to the multiples. After two and a half years I was head hunted and ran a showroom as head buyer, buying collections from Paris, head of sales and window dressing for a further 18 months.

It was my ultimate dream to become a stylist and after a chance meeting with a producer I got my first break, it was down to me from there.
For eighteen months I assisted for a well-established stylist who taught me everything I know.

I then went alone as a freelance Stylist and was Costume Designer on TV commercials, styling magazine editorials, music videos and stills.
I then launched Coathanger styling private clients and corporate clients. Styling bespoke uniforms for front of house teams, lecturing at Instituo Marangoni, Presenting corporate style events.

5. What are the highlights of your job?

The buzz is the highlight, which comes with every job. Not knowing who and where I will work next. Working with all nationalities, travelling, understanding just what is needed and sourcing the perfect pieces for my client. Then as the day progresses watching them change, come alive and shine.

Working with Sir Paul McCartney was pretty cool too!!!

6. What’s been your biggest challenge to date?

Being solely responsible for all the costumes for a TV sitcom for Channel 4. I didn’t eat or sleep for a week. Good job but terrifying!

Less terrifying but never the less a challenge due to never seeing a body to fit, was styling the uniforms for The Coca Cola hospitality team for The UEFA European Championship finals.

And lastly styling a Russian Pop Star….. a challenge is an understatement!

7. Who is your typical client?

That's a hard one….. I literally style everyone, with all budgets.

From a stay at home new mum, to high flying corporate execs, from 14 year olds to 80 year olds, from everywhere in the world both male and female

8. What do you think the benefits are of having a personal stylist?

The benefits are immense. Its all about trusting a professional who will efficiently and painlessly dress you in a way you never thought possible.

Sourcing outfits in preparation of your shopping day. No more fighting in changing rooms for the correct sizes. Making sure you have all the perfect outfits within your budget, ready for all occasions in your life.