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Meet Stylist Molly Rowe

By Lori on Apr 01 2014

1. Describe your personal style and what are your 3 favourite things in your wardrobe?

An Olsen Twin with a French twist.

I bought a 1969 Christian Dior couture dress for when I gave my sister away at her wedding, it is my absolute favourite piece EVER.

If I am honest my other ‘favourites’ change all the time, but right now it’s my Balenciaga Ceinture cut out boots and a grassy green coat/cardigan type action from Zara. I changed their button for a vintage crystal one and wear it with a Miu Miu fluro brooch.

2. If you could style anyone who would it be and why?

As a Costume Designer I love working with actors and getting their input into their characters and creating them together so I would really love to work with the ultimate fashion girl Sarah Jessica Parker, creating a new character.

As a stylist I’d love to get my hands on Emma Watson – I think she is simply amazing. Graceful, classy and just the right amount of grunge.

3. Have you always had a love for fashion and what did it mean to you growing up?

I have always loved fashion. I used to read Harpers & Queen and Vogue cover to cover when I was at school and was always doodling the double C’s onto my pencil cases and school folders!

I was a real grunge girl growing up as a teen in the mid 90’s so that was the first time I was making choices about what I wore, and they were to signify what I liked; music, books, designers, films. Fashion is a powerful signifier and I am still constantly inspired by cultural dress.

4. How did you get into Styling and why did you choose this as a career path?

I met S Club 7’s Stylist straight after college and I assisted her, and that led on to me assisting other Stylists at her agency. Back then Styling wasn’t such a known career and I felt I had picked something new, exciting and different to my peers to try.

5. What are the highlights of your job?

I love working with people – collaborating is the best part of my job, it really is. Once you accept as a creative person that your whole life is going to be about learning and growing you can embrace collaboration.

6. What’s been your biggest challenge to date?

Being freelance is a challenge in itself, learning to live with late payments never gets any easier for a start!

Every job is a new challenge, but last year I designed the final series of ‘Misfits’ for E4 which was huge for me. There is so much involved in costuming drama; especially with actors who have established their characters when you want to come in and shake it up! This was the most challenging but the most satisfying and incredible job so far.

7. Who is your typical client?

I style a lot of celebrities, both for editorial and red carpet. They are mostly actors whom I have worked with on screen so we have built a relationship up and they trust me. Plus it gives me a chance to put them in a banging frock which happens very rarely in gritty dramatic pieces!

8. What do you think the benefits are of having a personal stylist?

I think its really healthy to get someone elses viewpoint of what suits you, your lifestyle and your figure as everyone is so unbelievably hard on themselves (myself included!).

In my experience people try things they never would when I suggest things in fittings, and for me its all about realising that if it doesn’t work its fine, no one will ever see it – but something might surprise you and it will give you confidence you never knew you had with your body. This is formed from trust, which in turn allows you to push someone out of their comfort zone.

One huge problem we all face is that not all clothes suit all body shapes; most of us are totally different sizes above and below the waist and also that the size variation across brands is horrific. Its about trying different things on to see what makes YOU feel great, and also getting rid of the fascination with product sizing and concerning ourselves with the best fit and look.

Once you have built a trust and broken down some of the walls we put up with regard to our image you can get excited about clothes again, and start wearing them - not the other way round! I am all about confidence and that comes from inside backing up what you wear on the outside.
A confident woman is the most attractive woman there is.