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Meet Stylist Sarah Barlow

By Sarah Barlow on Apr 03 2014

1. Describe your personal style and what are your 3 favourite things in your wardrobe?

Eclectic bohemian with an edge – I’m a big fan of vintage 70s and anything American-western inspired. In my wardrobe, currently, I couldn’t live without my vintage black leather jacket, bespoke Kirsty Ward necklace and pair of waxed-treated skinny fit jeans.

2. If you could style anyone who would it be and why?

I love working with musicians so I would say Lykke Li – I love her music and her style, and…well… everything about her really!

3. Have you always had a love for fashion and what did it mean to you growing up?

I remember cutting up and customizing my mums old clothes as young as 5, turning them into fancy dress costumes or to play ‘catwalk’ with. I think you should have fun with fashion – I guess that childhood ‘dress up’ mentality is still in me.

4. How did you get into Styling and why did you choose this as a career path?

I studied Fashion Communication at Arts University, which lightly touched on fashion styling. After graduation I decided I wanted to gain a deeper insight and more experience particularly in editorial styling so I interned and assisted for a bunch of stylists and magazines including Company, Easy Living, Pop, and Glamour before working as a freelance stylist myself.

5. What are the highlights of your job?

Being allowed to be creative and work amongst people who are just as passionate as you – there’s nothing better than being paid to do something you love! Travelling is another amazing part of the job: in the last year, my work has taken to some super fun and beautiful places including Goa, Paris and Ibiza.

6. What’s been your biggest challenge to date?

To succeed in this line of work you have to be so super organised and prepared to juggle lots of different things at once from prepping for shoots or client meetings, to supervising a team - that in itself is always a challenge but its well worth it in the end.

7. Who is your typical client?

I specialise in editorial styling so my clients are mostly publications, however I really enjoy working with brands and designers too: For the past couple years I have been working closely with the womenswear and jewellery designer Kirsty Ward, supporting her with creative decisions for her seasonal collections as well as co-ordinating and styling look-books and campaign shots.

8. What do you think the benefits are of having a personal stylist?

Even one of my coolest clients likes to have a second opinion on things – a good stylist can pick up on the slightest details that can change an entire look.