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Sharpen Your Pencils

By Cat Penn on Apr 09 2014

You may have noticed that at BuyMyWardrobe HQ, we love a good quote. Be it motivational, from a film or even a line from a song - we just can’t get enough – and it would seem that you all agree judging by our Facebook & Instagram post likes!

So when we discovered The Carbon Crusader we were hooked; pretty pencils carved with whatever quote takes your fancy.

Created in Houston by a lady named Yvette, the idea was born out of a lack of creative and inspiring pencils on the market. Yvette wanted pencils that provided quality, freedom and humour - qualities lacking in many of the personalised pencils manufactured in China (in companies where freedom of speech is limited swear words are excluded, but sometimes just nothing else cuts it when it comes to expressing yourself!)

You can choose from the huge selection of ready thought up witticisms or customise them and put whatever you like on there. We think these make fabulous little gifts, or equally wonderful alternatives to greeting cards – useful, lasts for ages and totally unique, your average Clinton’s offering simply doesn’t compete.

If we had to choose just one of the pre-engraved offerings as a treat to ourselves or a friend it would have to be the 6 pack of Mean Girls quotes, who doesn’t want their pencil to remind them that they’re “like, really pretty?!”

You can shop The Carbon Crusader products on Etsy, and can also follow them on Facebook