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Wardrobe planning for autumn/winter, part two.

By Alex Churton on Oct 05 2012

If you read guest blogger Gill Davies first post on Wardrobe Planning for A/W then you will have organised your wardrobe and have a list ready to go shopping with. Here are her tips to get the most out of the fun bit…

Shopping Planning – the exciting bit

Tip 1. Start with a budget. This could be an annual budget, if so then weight it more for Autumn/ Winter as coats and boots are costlier in general.

Tip 2. Prioritise your shopping list with those staple items required to complete outfits as top priority. Next, new outfits to expand your wardrobe and those luxury items such as a pair of evening shoes or bag to complete the looks.

Tip 3. Prepare by looking at magazines and online sites and refining the style of the items you think will work best with your wardrobe, cut out and print out items and keep with you.

Tip 4. The key to maximising your wardrobe is to choose items carefully for quality and value. Ensuring you have a good basic wardrobe which fits your style well and pieces you can build on year on year rather than a wardrobe which needs replacing every 12 months. To get value from your wardrobe new pieces should work well with the basic items avoiding having to buy a whole new outfit to go with one piece. Have one pair of shoes, one handbag and coat which are versatile in colour and style, good basic trousers and underwear. Nude and metallic colours are great for going with most things.

Tip 5. Spend more on classics and outfit basics to ensure quality so you’re not replacing them every season. Less on high fashion items and more on luxury items such as an evening bag or shoes which should work with the majority of your evening dress outfits and can last many years.

Tip 6. If you don’t have a budget for designer clothes or to complete your list then BuyMyWardrobe is a great place to start looking for quality pieces to invest in, which will last longer and be more desirable than high street counterparts.

Tip 7. Once you’ve exhausted the pre-loved possibilities and have worked out how to weight your budget, plan where to shop. Department stores are always advantageous because they give you the ability to choose from a range of brands, allowing you to try them all on together. They are also better than boutiques as they will allow you to return items for a refund whereas you will often find the designer shops and boutiques will only give a credit note.

Tip 8. Be careful when buying low cost soft fabrics such as jersey and wool, cheaper soft fabrics tend not to wear well, stretch and bobble. Harder fabrics i.e. smooth manmade dress fabrics and cottons survive better but beware of white and black cottons which may go grey or fade easily.

Tip 9. Don’t shy away from buying an item that is perfect in every way except for fit. Look at the possibilities to shorten a hem or add darts in the back. It may mean you have a perfect item after a bit of tailoring than resorting to buying something you like less but fits perfectly from the outset.

Tip 10. You can’t go wrong investing in ‘classics’ to build your basic wardrobe like this Burberry Trench which will last years and have lots of use for this mid season weather.

Or if you want to invest in an evening bag this season, this Vintage Dior Black Clutch will go with everything and save you a small fortune on a new version.

Happy shopping!