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Its Date Time!

By Suzanne Bernie on Apr 14 2014

There are many elements to ‘The Perfect Date’.
Of course top of the list is all down to the perfect partner.

However the chances of you knowing all about this person before your first date is rare.

So remember the fist rule ….. within 5 seconds of meeting someone, whether it be for a job interview, an important meeting or a first date, you WILL be judged, an opinion will be made instantly, even before you open your mouth!

This means one thing and one thing only…… your date outfit has to be perfect!

So without ruining the surprise you need to have an idea of the kind of place your going to go. A massive faux pas would be to be dressed inappropriately.

Find out the venue and Google it or call the venue and check.

By not asking your date what he thinks you should wear makes you look more independent. You don't want to seem nervous, you want to look effortlessly cool!

If he/she says your date is a surprise then ask him/her if jeans are appropriate, this will give you a good guide.

There are not many places you cant go to in jeans but with denim being so big this season the choice is huge, keep away form the shredded look for your first date and always dress them up. Add a satin blouse and a great necklace and sexy heels.
The secret is to look like you’ve got it seamlessly right. Even if its taken hours to achieve (which I very much doubt). The idea is to look natural and know what will work so that you carry it with ease and confidence.

See the choices for your date for either day and night.

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