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We'd Rather Be At Coachella

By Lori on Apr 15 2014

Coachella - a fashion show in the dessert. A place where only Pinterest worthy outfits are allowed. Ensembles made up of crochet, floral crowns, lace cardigans to the floor, platform trainers and most recently the bindi? In this dusty destination, there is a mean style game being played.

Coachella has been known for exposing boundary breaking fashion for years. Festival fashions have now trickled it's way into the everyday wardrobe of women around the world. Is Coachella the big trend setter we have maybe overlooked?

We aren't suggesting you wear a band of roses around your head to work everyday but more than anything to be inspired by the floating silhouettes, the juxtaposition of fabrics, the clashing of prints and the combination of accessories that fill this fashion festival. Coachella is the gateway to what trends we will be sporting this Summer.

There was an overwhelming sense of deja vu this year with a sea of young Hollywood dressed head to toe in nineties. However, this trend has been around for awhile now, so most of the looks made us sigh with dissapointment and hoping someone will mix it up. Our prayers were answered when the Jenner sisters showed us that nineties doesn't have to be all bubblegum colours and tie dye. They took a gothic approach to the trend with their black sweeping lace cloaks and chokers. LOVED IT!

Sometimes the boho look can get a bit repeated aswell, Vanessa Hudgens is Queen of hippy when it comes to Coachella. She took the trend further this year with matching blonde locks to her hips! But we were spying out the ones who challenged their boho best. A favourite every year, Kate Bosworth stepped up the style stakes in a cut out tunic dress, paired with platform sandals. Simple, yet stood out from the masses. The lesson learnt...shape is important;the cut of your dress can make all the difference!

Suprising fashionista? Selena Gomez in floor length crochet over crop top and hot pants! Chanel Iman also pulled off a crochet outfit which was a perfect blend of dessert tones! We are also a major fan of the head scarf!

After stalking all the looks at Coachella, we are ready to be a little more daring in our Summer wardrobe, we hope you are too. Here are our preloved picks...