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Sarah’s Wardrobe Staples

By Sarah Barlow on Apr 18 2014

Anyone who knows me is likely to agree; I'm a fashion hoarder. It's by no mistake that around 3 quarters of my bedroom has been completely taken over by clothing stuffed into various drawers, cupboards and rails, whilst rows of shoes and boots line the edges of the room like some kind of stylish skirting board. So I admit it, I have ALOT of stuff. Correction, I have a lot of the SAME stuff: several fringed kimonos, a bunch of skinny fit jeans, and a ridiculously excessive amount of black leather ankle boots, (to name a few!) But when does so much, become too much? 'Never!' is what my hoarding habit would scream, however I do also have the belief that the secret to successful dressing stems from just a select few items which the wearer can ‘mix and match’, creating a combination of different daily looks (otherwise known as a capsule wardrobe.) So here they are; a few of my wardrobe essentials - an edit of everything a woman should ever need for everyday dressing...

The Shirt
I recommend a classic white – it’s a wardrobe staple that every woman will buy at least once in her lifetime.

The Leather Jacket
I’m a big fan of a black biker, but an oversized bomber makes a great casual alternative.

The Ankle Boot

Chelsea, cowboy, lace ups, biker, worker, desert... the choices are endless!

Denim Jeans
Women often find buying jeans overwhelming; I sure as hell did until I discovered my perfect style, (the skinny high rise) and now I don’t buy anything but. So don’t be scared and put off by the experience; instead have fun trying on and experimenting with lots of different fits, washes and colours until you find the pair that feels right for you.

The little black dress - or ‘lucky’ black dress as I call it – is always a winner for a first date.

The Mini Skirt
Team with black tights in the winter and, if you’re brave enough, bare all (leg that is!) in the summer. Simples.

Tailored Trousers
If you like minimal simple cuts but want your outfit to look loud and proud then go for a tailored trouser in a bright bold colour or statement print.

The Statement Necklace
By adding OTT accessories you can turn a ‘keeping it casual’ day-look into a chic evening outfit in seconds.

The Bag-For-Life
If you can afford it initially, choose a timeless designer bag that’s worth the price tag – it will be the best fashion investment you’ll ever make.

The Luxe Sweatshirt
Check that the jersey/fabric used is a good quality; if not it can cheapen the whole look no matter how cool the design/print featured is.