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Have you ever wanted a chance to be styled by a professional stylist?

By Claire Wacey on Apr 19 2014

To have a pro delve into your wardrobe and really help you understand what does and doesn’t work for your body shape and complexion? To assess, your lifestyle and fashion needs, solving the fashion dilemmas once and for all?

BuyMyWardrobe are looking for 1 lucky lady to have a professional Wardrobe Makeover with Super Stylist Claire Wacey as part of a YOU TUBE video to show women how easy it is to edit their wardrobe and how to convert those items that you choose to loose into cash by selling them on BuyMyWardrobe.

Claire will also help that lucky lady compile a shopping list to work from for the coming season. Showing how buying from sites like BuyMyWardrobe are a great way of finding those fashion gems that really make you stand out from the crowd and getting your hand on those designer items without completely breaking the bank!

If you are in need of a wardrobe overhaul and are happy to appear on the film and have us film your wardrobe session, then get in touch and email!