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Holi Festival Of Colours by Lorna Peach

By Guest Writers on Apr 25 2014

Paint the town red, - and blue, yellow, purple and green at the Holi festival of colours. Originated in India the festival has taken London by storm, not for the faint hearted this festival is all about music and colour. Be one of the first to join the colour festival revolution with this being the 2nd Holi Festival to take place in London it’s sure to become the place to go in the summer over the next few years.

If you’re not a mainstream fan this is the festival for you, with headliners like Drunken Masters, ESKEI83, Bombay Boogie Soundsystem on the 28th June 2014 and line up to be announced for 29th June 2014 your sure to enjoy a variety of music far from the mainstream charts. Although this is probably the only festival where people aren’t worried about the music it’s all about having fun and throwing coloured powder at strangers, who wouldn’t want to do that?

As for the powder don’t worry about digging out your rags you can still look good without worrying about your clothes getting ruined, all the powders are made from natural colorants and organic ingredients they are non-toxic, water soluble, skin, hair and environmentally friendly! Although Holi Festival recommends you wear clothes you can dispense or save as a memory from the event.

Wander around the Queen Elizabeth Park in the heart of East London with the grass in between your toes, drink and food stalls to keep you satisfied, loud music and plenty of colour. This feel good vibe festival is where you can simply just have fun!