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Diary of an intern... winter comes early.

By Our Interns.... on Oct 19 2012

Winter Style Comes Early for this American Intern…

As the only American in the office, I feel I may be responsible for prompting many conversations about British vs. American…everything. Spellings, accents (especially since I’m in the company of Northern girls!), customs, food, and, of course, style. I’ve found that autumn/winter styles come in much earlier than in the US, especially compared to Walla Walla, Washington (where I spent the last four years at uni)—I’m used to going outside with just a jumper in October!

So as I adjust to the slight differences in British culture, my wardrobe has had to adjust even faster to include loads of thick jumpers, coats, jackets, boots, wellies, leather gloves, and of course, scarves upon scarves. Being surrounded by stylish Brits at BuyMyWardrobe is also helping my “cultural adjustment.”

In addition to my personal style-focused research, I’ve also been busy putting together a proposal for one of my courses that happens to combine beautifully with my internship here at BuyMyWardrobe. I’ll be submitting my proposal (along with fifteen others’) and I’m crossing my fingers that my project gets short-listed so that myself and a team of three others will be able to work for a real client to produce a multi-platform social media plan. I feel really fortunate to have been hired by BuyMyWardrobe at the perfect time, it just goes to show how an internship can really help to make real-world connections whilst completing a degree.

And that’s my second week at BuyMyWardrobe done, I can already tell this internship is going by far too quickly!