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The Story Behind: Isabel Marant

By Cat Penn on Mar 07 2015

When you hear Isabel Marant, what do you think? Dicker boots, wedge trainers, and a knack for designing luxe items that are actually wearable? Yeah, us too. But where did this explosion of elegant want-to-wear it clothing come from? Well, here's the story...

For a woman seriously in touch with what women want in terms of fashion, the young Marant wasn't enamoured with clothing in the way she is now - her first taste of design came from customising her fathers paisely dressing gowns and army jackets, purely because she couldn't find what she was after in stores. Marant did eventually attend Studio Bercot at the age of 18 to persue design - ever one to do things her own way, Marant notes a crush on Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren being the inspritation for making clothes out of dishcloths.

Nine years later Isabel launched her own label with the first ever show being debuted in a garden squat with Marant's friends modelling the collection. This set the tone for Isabel's career and clothing - gorgeous, real and wearable pieces that women could actually afford.

In 1997 the Award de la Mode went to Marant and she began to garner more and more fans of her casual chic clothing, although she said herself she 'does not revolutionise the fashion world' and simply designs what she would want to wear. In line with her own idea of the 'every woman' uniform, 1999 saw the launch of the diffusion line Etoile which specialised in t shirts and jeans at a lower price point which made the brand more accessible. From here the brands popularity grew and grew, and with this came the first of many copy cat designs - in 2008 French company NafNaf was ordered to pay £120,000 in damages to Marant for copying a dress from her 2006 collection.

Luckily this didn't stop the brand growing and in 2010 the first stateside boutique was opened, with Isabel winning Glamour magazines 'Designer of the Year' award later in the year. 2010 was also the year that the infamous Kate Moss was the face of the campaign, whilst IT girl Alexa Chung cemented Marant's place in pop culture stating that she wanted to buy everything the designer had ever looked at.

Most recently to date Marant released the trainer that spawned a thousand copies : The Becker wedge sneaker; reinvented time and time again in new colours and fabric these shoes are a hit which refuse to die - much like the whole ethos of Marant's line. When a real woman designs for herself, real women are sure to invest in her closet worthy items. Personally, we love what Isabel is offering because she understands what we, the people, need. And in the words of the girl herself, it ain't evening wear!