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Ruth Rickman upcycled furniture.

By Kal Di Paola on Oct 23 2012

Often the best contacts are made through chance meetings – there have been numerous times in my life that people have crossed my path just at the right moment!

A few months ago I had set myself the task of dressing our new HQ purely in up-cycled and pre-loved furniture! A daunting task as I knew it would take a while to source the 6 desks, 1 boardroom table, 20 or so chairs, mirrors and a dozen or so display cabinets and tables we needed to dress the new space.

With the deadline of a month before we moved in, I took the first step by bidding for this lovely Edwardian dresser on an online auction site.

When I turned up to collect it I met Ruth Rickman who just so happened to be launching a business in sourcing, restoring and repainting old wooden furniture to commission. I told Ruth my task at hand and entrusted her in finding the numerous items on my list and I became her very first customer!

4 weeks later, on the day we moved into our premises, Ruth’s van pulled up – she’d managed to source every single item we’d asked her to and more! Each piece had been lovingly restored and repainted in colors of our choice and she’d added extra little touches with specially sourced knobs and quaint handmade decorations. Check out the images of some of our favourite pieces below or visit our Boutique at 17 Seymour Place, W1 to view the full collection or to commission a unique piece.