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Life As An Intern At BuyMyWardrobe By Lorna Peach

By Guest Writers on May 10 2014

As any fashion student, the word interning scared the hell out of me! After interning at a few places I thought it was all about making cups of tea, being a run around, doing odd jobs every now and then and learning very slowly. So when I entered BuyMyWardrobe I thought I would be making endless amounts of cups of tea again. And I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I first started settling into BuyMyWardrobe by researching the company and just getting a feel of what the company and people were like. Straight away I knew I’d actually be able to produce work and feel more appreciated, compared to other internships I have done. After seeing endless amounts of work I had come up with/produced on BuyMyWardrobe’s social media, I felt like working there was a lot more worth while. Not only was I appreciated for the help but I actually was learning a lot on the way. I can’t express how helpful the team were at getting me settled in and how friendly everyone was. By the end of my time I didn’t want to leave! From the many internships I have done, I highly recommend any student to intern with a smaller team as you are a lot more appreciated, your skills massively grow and in the end you feel like you are apart of the team. After my time at BuyMyWardrobe I didn’t just leave with new skills and contacts I left knowing I made some very good friends.

Anyone who is a little apprehensive about interning and thinks you are going to be another Andy Sacks in The Devil Wears Prada and every boss is Miranda Priestly, BuyMyWardrobe will definitely change your perspective about interning! Just bring a bubbly but hard working personality with you and you’ll fit right in.

If you would like to intern at BuyMyWardrobe, please send your CV to