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A Spring Clean

By Suzanne Bernie on May 12 2014

Do you ever open your wardrobe doors and despair, sigh and wonder – “What on earth am I going to wear to go out on Saturday night or Monday morning for that important meeting”. “How can I have so many clothes and nothing to wear???”

With Spring very much in the air giving us all a new lease of life. Seeing the sunshine, the blue sky and newly budding spring flowers, not to mention winter thankfully a distant memory. Take the first plunge… open your wardrobe, stand back and take a long hard look. Ask your self, ‘how much do I actually wear’?

Pull out a section at a time. Starting with trousers or skirts. DO they all fit? Are they in good condition? When did you last wear them?

Then move on to tops and dresses, not forgetting shoes and bags?

Make a pile for charity, a pile to give to friends or family and a pile for the bin!

IF the thought fills you with dread and if by now you’ve pulled the quilt over your head and are thinking…….. NOOOOOO!!! I cant face it!!!!!!
Then enjoy Coathanger’s Wardrobe Detox
Where all you need to do is sit back and watch the transformation happen right in front of your eyes.

At the beginning it may seem like organised chaos but systematically and methodically every piece of clothing that's hanging, folded or stuffed into the corners of your wardrobe are checked out, tried on and added to one of the piles, or returned to your wardrobe to be worn in a brand new way.

Those old faithful jeans you’ve had for 5 years, with the hope that one day you will fit back into them. Well I’ve got news for you and there’s no easy way to say this but you wont!. Its just not going to happen.

If a garment hasn't been worn for maximum of two years its not going to be worn again.… EVER!!!

SO, now you’re left with concise collection of perfect pieces, now watch while more magic takes shape. See complete acessorised outfits created that you never thought possible. Photos references are taken of each outfit so that you remember exactly what goes with what for when your Personal Stylist flies out the window like Mary Poppins!!

A list is then made of any missing items and advice given as to just where to find them.
After this incredible service I can guarantee that whatever your occasion your everyday life or any special event, your wardrobe will work for you making you feel organised in control and fabulous!!