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Instagram Crush

By Lori on May 14 2014

Mornings used to be about picking up the morning paper and reading up on all of the days headlines. Now, when you look around your commuter carriage, 8/10 people will be glued to their phones. Most of those people will religiously be checking their Instagram feed. We've got caught in the notion that everything we do is a photo opportunity & that it needs to be shared. We are all guilty of many meals this weekend did you snap and exaggerate it's beauty with a filter?

The thing is, some people have become the masters of Instagram. They are the people with fresh peonies in every photo, Lauduree macaroons for breakfast in their egyptian cotton bed, the prized french bull dog called Coco and their Celine bag always in the corner. Like it or not, you find yourself checking their accounts on a daily basis to watch their fabulously placed life play out in a square. These are your Instagram Crushes.

Each week we will be showcasing some of our favourite Instagram accounts to stalk!

This Week is none other than _NatashaXX

If you are a designer label junkie, like all things pink, Chanel & red soled then this is the account to follow. _NastashaXX posts luxurious bubble baths accompanied with a matching exotic fruity drink, her weekly designer buys, the odd bikini selfie and always champagne and cake.