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Instagram Crush: Rosie Londoner

By Lori on May 26 2014

This week's Instagram / office girl crush is the lovely Rosie, The Londoner. Rosie's Instagram is an extension to her beautiful blog, which you should definitely check out if you've not swooned over it already. Rosie explains she started the blog initially to stay in touch with friends and family, but it's success had made it a destination read for many.

Rosie's Insta snaps are a play by play of her glamourous life swanning around the capital. We drool every meal time seeing the prettiest of healthy brunches to candlelit dinners (we love that she's a foodie and enjoys a burger!) Her adorable pup Custard is a star player, as well as the humongous bunches flowers and landmarks on all corners of our city. But most importantly is Rosie herself. SHE IS BEAUTIFUL. Her style is one to follow!