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Sneakers: From Lanvin to Isabel Marant

By Lori on Sep 30 2014

Once only for teenagers or for gym wear, how the sneaker has made itself a prominent place in fashion we will never know, but we realiy like it! Sneakers popularity has continued through the past few seasons. They have even made their way to the runways of fashions biggest houses such as Chanel and Isabel Marant. From hidden wedges to athletic runners, sneakers are the latest must-have shoe.

Elongate your legs in jeans like Jessica Alba with the wedge sneaker. Isabel Marant was the master mind behind these, bringing out several colours and patterns. If you're thinking of investing in a pair then we would stick to the original Isabel Marant ones, Isabel herself has stated the copy cat versions will never be the same quality or have the same effect. Shop them preloved (we have three pairs online)

Dress down your blazer with a shiny pair of high tops like Cara Delevigne or steal Olivia Palermo's Lanvin sneaks to be your everyday shoe!