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Being A BuyMyWardrobe Intern

By Cat Penn on May 28 2014

Three months ago I began interning at the BuyMyWardrobe offices, it’s now my final day and I’m so sad to be leaving. I’ve had a brilliant time here and have learnt so much – I’m really thankful that I was given the opportunity to intern at such a lovely company!

I was a little apprehensive when I was first given the internship, I’d heard many horror stories, from a friend who was made to deliver invites all over London, and wasn’t allowed to use the tube, to the girl who was made to sit on the floor for the entirety of her time at a company – all the while being called by the wrong name. Luckily for me everyone I met at BuyMyWardrobe HQ was wonderfully welcoming, I was never made to feel left out or like I was getting in the way and was able to take part in tasks that were actually beneficial to the company, not just random filing or tidying. I didn’t even have to make the tea, I think that’s almost unheard of where interning is concerned!

I wasn’t limited in what I was able to do either, I was allowed to be involved in lots of different areas of the office from blogging to social media and was encouraged to come up with interesting ideas to contribute each week. I was also given my own project to work on; it was really fulfilling to be able to do something useful and creative.

Overall I had a brilliant time at BuyMyWardrobe, I feel like I’ve been a bit spoilt with my first internship as I had such a good time and felt like such a part of the team. I’d wholeheartedly recommend interning at BuyMyWardrobe if you’re a lover of fashion who is keen to learn.