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Diary of an intern... time flies when you are having fun!

By Our Interns.... on Oct 26 2012

Time flies when you’re having fun! Here’s what intern Kelsie has been getting up to at HQ…

The first time I lived in London was for a study abroad program in 2011, where I had the distinct pleasure of living in Chelsea. My halls were literally on the King’s Road, and even though I shared a dorm room the size of a cupboard with one other person, I didn’t care because I loved the neighborhood so much. I was (and still am) enamored with the beautiful architecture, namely the posh flats and houses lining every street leading from South Kensington station to the King’s Road. Now, in my second time living in London, I’m based in Surrey. Beautiful, green, quaint…but it’s no King’s Road. So when the opportunity to visit a beautiful flat in Marylebone (just around the corner from the BuyMyWardrobe HQ) to assist in the intake of a new client’s wardrobe, I happily volunteered.

This trip also meant that I got to have my first ride in the style mobile. It’s surprisingly roomy, and unsurprisingly stylish.

After meeting our stylish new seller and assisting in taking note of each beautiful designer item, we carefully packed up the wardrobe and loaded it into the style mobile (everything fit!). Upon returning to the boutique, I was in charge of organizing all of the garments, shoes, and accessories, while simultaneously putting the details of each piece into our product management system.

This gave me ample opportunity to pick out my favorite pieces, including a beautiful Diane von Furstenberg print dress. Not a bad perk for an intern!

Next week I’ll get the final verdict on whether or not my project proposal to use BuyMyWardrobe as a client for my social media strategies course has been approved. Fingers crossed until then!