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Instagram Crush: Cecil Delevingne

By Lori on Jun 05 2014

If you're a Cara Delevingne fan then we're sure you would have got the memo that she recently got a new pet in the form of the cutest fluffiest bunny around! What you may not know is that Cecil the bunny has his own Instagram account. Oh and over 95,000 followers. Bunny power?

We have no room to judge as we follow this cuddly ball of fluff as well, and eagerly await a new daily photo of him accompanying the supermodel on her fashion foot path. Recently, Cecil even got to pay a visit to the palace, no not Buckingham....Chanel (obviously).

So this one goes out to all the animal lovers. Please follow Cecil if you want to be 'awwwwwing' at least once a day!