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The Hermes Birkin

By Lori on Jun 07 2014

In 1984, Jane Birkin English actress & singer, coincidently sits next to CEO Jean-Louis Dumas of Hermes on a plane from Paris to London. During their conversation she complains about the difficulty in finding a big enough leather bag for a weekend. Intrigued, Dumas asked her to describe exactly what size and features she would want in such a bag.

A little time after, Jane received a package in the post with her dream weekend bag in. With the bag was a personal note asking her permission to call the bag The Birkin. The success of the most sought after bag begun....

Hand-built by expertly trained craftsman, the making of a Birkin can take up to 48 hours. Thus why the price of the bag has remained so high.

Every year since their meet, Jane Birkin is gifted a Birkin from Hermes. Every year she puts her bag up for auction and donates all the money to charity.

Invest in a piece of fashion history with this Blue Jean Hermes Birkin.