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Paris Hilton's Comeback

By Lori on Jun 11 2014

We're feeling nostalgic and decided to look back to the reigning days of Paris Hilton. Queen of the 2000s and the original IT girl. She may be subject to enormous criticism, which I guess was bound to happen when someone's breakout moment is a sex tape called 1 Night in Paris, co-starring a Backstreet Boy.

But we will always owe it to her for making many fashion items the success they were. Paris made her mark on the industry with a line of fragrances (which grossed $1.5 billion since its debut), and a clothing line that sold out in a day. Plus, anyone who can make a pink velour tracksuit a worldwide trend deserves some sort of credit. Right?

As the 90s have made a major fashion comeback this year, it's only a matter of time before the cycle continues making the next wave of trendy nostalgia the naughties, which Paris is poster girl to.

One of Paris's favourite accessories during her Golden era was the iconic Louis Vuitton Speedy. Yes, she may have used this bag primarily to carry her mini Chihuahua Tinkerbell in, but in her defence that pup is a published author.

Paris' reign over the Hollywood Princesses spoke volumes when this bag was on the arm of every IT girl on the scene.

We're so happy it's finally making it's comeback!

So grab your lip gloss and grab your speedy...because in the words of Paris "That's Hot".