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Instagram Crush: Lucy Williams of Fashion Me Now

By Lori on Jun 17 2014

This week's Instagram crush is one of our most favourite bloggers, Lucy Williams. Fashion Me Now is a blog for fashion, travel, inspiration and all things in between. Lucy Williams has killer style and and is always giving her own twist to fashion staples, that gets us repeatedly stalking to see how she wears this season's must haves! A beautifully shot blog with timeless style and natural tone.

We asked Lucy how the blog began...

"It just started as a bit of a personal moodboard and something to talk about and keep me busy when I was first applying for internships at magazines years ago. I never really thought of it becoming much bigger but I'm so glad it has - its now something I want to be able to do for a long long time. The freedom of being your own editor and posting on what you like, when you like is great."

Now as well as checking her blog daily, we also now have her on our instagram feed. Lucy's Instagram should be followed if you share a love for avocado toast, holidays under the European sun and of course STYLE!