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Making an impression in an interview

By Lisa Talbot on Jun 18 2014

Did you know we make opinion on anybody within the first 7 seconds of meeting them and before they say anything. Our image is our personal branding.

Appearance has a significant impact on the way we initially perceive people

To appreciate the impact of the above;

  1. Think of someone who has recently made an impression on you
  2. What did you visually notice about this person
  3. You will have formed an opinion of this person....what factors did you take into account to arrive at this conclusion Taking the above into account there are certain high profile style icons who represent their brand brilliantly, those include;

Michelle Mone - co-owner of MJM International, a multi-million pound lingerie company.
Mary Portas - London's leading retail marketing consultant

Styles can be varied depending on the corporations, for example; Media, Marketing and Advertising work in a more artistic, casual environment so they what they wear will reflect their business.

Employers who work for a corporation, for example; Telecommunications, Banking, Pharmaceutical work in a more Business attire ( Suits for men and women ) and smart casual ( Chinos and Blazer for men, structured dresses for women ), those customer facing will always need to reflect a strong businesslike dress code.
We must dress appropriately for any business situation.

I firmly believe that when you look good you feel great and the best asset we all have is a smile on our face. When we smile our confidence is greater and you will find more people are drawn to you and want to listen to what you have to say, in the corporate world this is very important.

I also believe that we dress accordingly to our personality and lifestyle and always encourage my clients to do so, whether they work in a corporate world or have the important job of a mum. No matter what job we do walking out the door looking good makes us feel wonderful.

I would recommend for an interview or informal meeting that you dress appropriately and smart, each industry does dress slightly differently, for example;

Banking industry – Formal suits, Businesslike attire
Advertising/Marketing/PR – Smart but creative
Office role – Smart/Casual
Teaching assistant/Working in a junior school – Smart but warm and welcoming

Recommended interview outfits;

• Empire line or shirt dress ( Suits all body shapes ), Jacket/Cardigan, Patent platform court shoes
• Black boot leg trousers ( Suits all body shapes ), Shirt, Jacket/Cardigan
• A blazer will automatically create a streamlined, classic, more formal look
• A line Skirt ( Suit all body shapes ), Top/Shirt, Peep toe shoes
• Natural looking make up, well manicured nails
• Brushed and neat hair
• Don’t go too heavy on the perfume, you would not want to overpower your interviewer.
• Accessories

Whatever role you are going to be interviewed for you must appear neat and tidy, an untidy person will be perceived as an untidy and disorganised worker.

Lisa Talbot
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