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Diary of an intern... behind the scenes at Stylist HQ.

By Our Interns.... on Dec 03 2012

Behind-the-Scenes at Stylist Magazine HQ

When I was an undergrad student studying abroad in London, Wednesday mornings at Holborn tube station were a personal highlight—I could float into my lecture with a Starbucks latte in one hand and a copy of Stylist magazine in the other. Since then, I have treasured the magazine—especially their iconic covers and focus on contemporary topics relevant to women. A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by a Stylist editor to come in and have my photo taken in their Emerald Street office as a part of their recent census of UK women. I participated in the census earlier this autumn, and was more than happy to come in for a mini-photo shoot.

I arrived at their HQ office when there was a queue of only a couple of other women, and got to chat with a couple of editors before I stepped into the gorgeous, sparkly photo booth.

The whole experience was over in about 15 minutes, but I was told that there may be an opportunity to have my individual profile featured in the issue. I later got an email detailing various profiles that they wanted to feature, and I fit one of them:

Marriage: A woman who isn’t married yet or engaged to be married but who believes marriage is still very important to her and is something she really wants to do and would not sacrifice on.

After I responded with a summary of how I fit this profile, I was contacted by one of Stylist’s editors for a phone interview. The phone interview was so much fun, and I always love any opportunity to talk about marriage and weddings, but in the end I was told that they needed to profile someone a bit older. However, I’m still so excited to see my picture (even if it’s tiny!) in one of my favorite magazines this week.

Pick up a copy of the issue this Wednesday 5th December!