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Secret Style Obsession: Leaf Greener

By Lori on Jul 14 2014

You will have definitely come across Leaf along your daily long scroll down your Pinterest and Instagram feed. She's a street style star but we're actually kinda thrilled she's not your typical blogger with style and that there is genuine fashion depth to her soul. She holds the paramount role of Senior Fashion Editor at Elle China. Daughter of a photographer father and luxury-PR mother meant Leaf was one of a small group of Chinese girls that were exposed to fashion; due to the legacy of Mao's Cultural Revolution which meant colours and fabrics were restricted and uniform codes were set. Making China blind to fashion. It was when this was lifted that Chinese women went mad for fashion and developed their signature flamboyant looks.

Leaf studied fashion design at a college in Beijing. Once graduating she tried to pursuit a career in styling. After working at a series of publications, Leaf finally took on her dream job in 2008 at Elle China which has a readership of 1.3 million. Vogue China, it's biggest rival has a larger readership than British and Italia's editions.

The only word to describe Leaf's re-pinnable looks is inimitable. She breaks every fashion rule that is preached and creates ensembles even Grace Coddington couldn't dream up for an editorial. She is a true fashion spirit and we will continue to follow her reign of the East in polkadots, stripes, blue, purple and an array of doughnut phone cases.