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Mexican Cheese? Meet the Maker at Selfridges!

By Lori on Jul 15 2014

If you’re like us and can’t go a few days without accidentally wandering into Selfridges then you’ll also be the ones who admire their remarkable window displays. Nothing epitomizes imagination like the works of art these windows become. They’re the eyes to the store and are seen by over one million people a week.

For the first time in the history of Selfridges, the windows will be dedicated to the very best talent of their food hall. The windows will act as a celebration of the makers and producers behind the latest gastronomic creations found at Selfridges.
One of the brands being celebrated is Gringa Dairy. If you’re a cheese lover (we might not be friends anymore if you say you aren’t) then Gringa Dairy is a brand you will love to learn about. It is a brand that specializes in making traditional Mexican cheeses.

The mastermind behind the brand is Kristen Schnepp who gave up her corporate life to follow her passion to the railway arches of Peckham and embarked on the journey of bringing a beloved cuisine to the UK, in the form of cheese . From deliciously crumbly queso fresco to mozzarella-like queso Oaxaca, each cheese is made using artisan methods and organic British milk.

Kristen enforces the importance of knowing where our food comes from and supporting British farmers, something we can all agree on. So even though her cheese is being mastered up in an urban setting, her fresh produce is from Commonwork Organic Farm at Bore Place in Kent.

One of Kristen’s cheeses is Queso Chihuahua – “a melting cheese (also called mennonita as it was brought to Mexico by Mennonites) and is thought to be one of the cheeses that inspired Monterey Jack in the USA”.

All Gringo Dairy products are available to order via their website or why not make a trip to Selfridges this week to watch daily demonstrations and sample the best of the Food Hall. More information of Meet The Makers Campaign can be found here