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Diary of an intern... spice up your life!

By Our Interns.... on Dec 10 2012

Spice Up Your Life!: A Review of Viva Forever’s Preview Week

Like many girls growing up in the ‘90s, I absolutely loved the Spice Girls. Their British invasion of America only lasted for about a year and a half, but I still remember my friends and I being absolutely obsessed with their music, Spice World, and basically anything with the ‘Spice Girl’ endorsement.

They gave you someone to identify with—every fan had their favorite ‘spice’. I unfortunately didn’t get the chance to see the girls on their reunion tour in 2007, so when I found out that a Mama Mia-style West End show based on their songs was premiering in autumn 2012 (when I would be back in London), I was so excited. My boyfriend was thoughtful enough to buy me three tickets months in advance for my birthday so I could see the show in its preview week!

Without giving too much away, I will say that I absolutely loved the show. I hadn’t researched the plot at all before seeing it, so I was pleasantly surprised that it took a turn towards critiquing the reality TV sphere. If you love the Spice Girls’ music even a little bit, you will love Viva Forever.

I am 99% sure that Jennifer Saunders (the show’s writer and famous in her own right as a top British comedienne and star/writer of Absolutely Fabulous) played the role of Viva’s mum on the night I saw the show (30 November), which was incredible. However, regardless of whether Viva’s mum was Jennifer Saunders or the regular cast member, Sally Ann Triplett, she absolutely stole the show. And as a parting comment: if I can promise you one thing, you won’t be disappointed with the show’s interpretation of ’2-Become-1′.

Viva Forever is starting their official run at the Piccadilly Theatre starting 11 December 2012.