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By Lori on Jul 25 2014

Yesterday evening, I headed north to Cally Road (Caledonian Road in non cool terms) to try the latest concept restaurant T.E.D, that just opened a few weeks ago. I'll give you five seconds to guess what it stands for....

Think. Eat. Drink.

Brought to you by Jamie Grainger-Smith, whose impressive resumè includes setting up Fifteen with Jamie Oliver and co-founding the award-winning Acorn House and The Waterhouse restaurants.

As we walked into the restaurant, it was like walking into a Summer's day. No matter how grey it was outside, the interior beamed with light and a soft colour palette that was sweetly accompanied by periwinkle purple wild flowers (that we couldn't stop taking photos of). It has all the right elements – leather banquettes, low blown glass lighting and a lava top bar tiled in pre-loved green and blue patterns that only made the cocktails look more delectable.

I took my colleague V along with me for the tasting as her palate is polar opposite to mine, so there was a guarantee our forks wouldn't be fighting over the same dessert.

We began our feast with a bottle of Italian wine recommended by our charming and attentive waitress. It was light, easy to drink but still had enough flavour to satisfy the end of a long day at the office. I highly suggest you ask your waiter for a wine recommendation as ours was spot on what we'd requested in a glass. The waitress enlightened us on her wine tasting seminar she had with the rest of the staff. It boils down to knowing your stuff.

The menu is varied and tantalisingly worded, that it took us an awkward amount of time to decide which dish to choose. As a lover of all things cheese, I started with a buffata accompanied with sweet nectarines and pine nuts. A pleasant surprising combination of ingredients that it was good enough to be a dessert (so good that I almost ordered it again for dessert).

V started with the Farmhouse Terrine. As satisfying as my starter was, to V's dismay, I couldn't help leaning across the table to taste her plate, even though I pinky promised I wouldn't. But when food looks that good, rules have to be broken. It was rich in both flavour and texture, with a tangy fresh salad garnish. The only thing we missed was a chunk of bread to accompany it, but it's not like we needed the carbs with two more courses to go!

Swiftly on to the main course, I opted for the sole that was grilled to perfection and lightly dressed with fresh spring onions, cockles & girolles. V had the risotto, which I'm told also hit the mark. Creamy, yet light, and finished with a courgette flower filled with ricotta (OK, I admit, I also stole a bite of this fancy!)

Dessert is V's favourite course, and the presentation of the panacotta with a surprise warm granola biscuit did not disappoint. It was a close call for me between the Affogato (pistachio ice cream with a shot of espresso, FYI) but in the end after a good 5 minutes of perusing the menu, I ordered the polenta cake. Zingy, fresh and just the right sized portion, it was a delicious end to a great evening.

Slightly off the beaten path this is a great place to have discovered. We'd recommend if you're heading there for a special occasion to request one of their cosy round booths as these seemed to give a little more room and privacy to dine, over the smaller tables of two. And finally don't be afraid to ask your waiter any questions about the menu, they will happily steer you in the right direction.