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Instalately... Portman Village Bake Off!

By Vicki Metcalfe on Jul 27 2014

It's no secret that the BuyMyWardrobe girls love good food and a party, and this week was no exception. When Portman Village announced they were hosting a summer bake off for the residents, we were first with our hands up - even though most of us have never actually baked a cake before! With a bit of help to kick start proceedings from Mr BuyMyWardrobe (aka Massimo Di Paola!) and officially approved and tasted by our little mascot (aka Joshan Di Paola!) Our fabulous sweet creation of the BuyMyWardrobe boutique - complete with pink balloon and obligatory retro 50's girl - was pronounced the winner of the Amateur Best Decorated Cake category!

Aside from our chocolate and sugar filled treats, we've also been sampling some of London's newest eateries. This week we headed to T.E.D. along with our purple Prada purse. We love that they're into their sustainability too, and the meal was as pretty as it looks - you can read our full review here.

Also new in on the website this week, if you haven't added them to your basket already! This simple fitted white dress by Joseph is the perfect summer solution to a day time outfit, and the coveted Tod's DD bag is the most stylish way to carry all your daily essentials in.