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The Folly

By Lori on Aug 15 2014

Here we go again, eating our way through London, not very good when one of us has a a trip to Marbella planned next week (I'm totally freaking out about that bikini). Alas, this week we headed to The Fable's sister, The Folly. I couldn't believe how booming the place was for a Monday night. Tip for the single girls - if you want a city boy, then this is a place to come. Sip on a cocktail and man hunt! (it's only our favourite game)

Since trying the same menu at The Fable, I decided to stick to a meat free option this time, so for all you veggies out there, this one is for you. I begun with the watermelon and feta salad. I have seen this combination start to pop up on a few menus in the city and have always been curious as to how well these go together. Apparently - very well. It was fresh, light and the tangyness of the feta complimented the sweet juices of the watermelon to absolute perfection. A great way to start the evening. I may have sworn vegeterian for the night, but guilty again, I tried one of V's prawn lollipop sticks dipped in sweet chilli sauce. Warm, crispy and so moreish that I nearly ordered my own.

On to the main event – V stuck to her old faithful favourite, the burger. She opted for the lamb– which arrived towering high and topped with tasty feta, juicy peppers with a tzatziki dip on the side (perfect for dunking our roast sweet potato wedges in!)

Continuing with my veggie ways, I ordered the halloumi burger. Pretty self explanatory with no surprises, but it hit the mark and the halloumi cheese was on point! Bravo..can I have some more now please?

Both received a thumbs up, and thankfully we decided to share a portion of the wedges as the portion sizes were fairly sizeable.

My dessert again was simple but well executed – a chunk of warm chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream, which was served on a wooden board of course. The ‘plate’ actually made it a little difficult to eat, as the ice cream began to melt off the ends, but it didn’t last long enough to be a real problem! V said her lemon syllabub was amazing – I’ll have to take her word for it as I’m not a fan of lemon, but I did try a nibble of the homemade shortbread, and we did try plot to take a whole box back to the office for tea breaks.

What we enjoyed most about The Folly was its laid back and buzzing atmosphere. Even on a Monday evening, the tables were pretty much full with a varied crowd from city guys to couples and groups of girls. We definitely noticed how good the playlist was(shazaming almost every song), the botanical décor was fun and refreshing, cocktails were flowing and at reasonable prices (on average £10 - £20 for a main course) we can’t think of a reason not to try it out!

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