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The Fable

By Lori on May 05 2015

This week I ventured to unknown territory, suit territory…the city. As a girl who lives North London and works, shops and happy hours in Central, there aren’t many reasons for me to stray far from the comforts of Selfridges and Soho. That is until now, until I had an evening at The Fable.

As I walked into this three-floor venue, I found myself staring in every direction, trying to soak up everything from the twinkling fairy lights to the hanging flower baskets. It is essentially like stepping into the pages of a fairytale (no I’m not kidding, there’s story pages on the walls). Each area is named - from the Library and the Never- Ending Story through to the Magic Kingdom and Enchanted Forest. What I loved is that it didn’t feel like a themed restaurant, it wasn’t heavy or Disneyland-esque. It was modern, fresh and fitted so well that it was almost natural to be pouring my dressing out of a watering can! (we will get to that in a bit)

I took my friend S along with me because the girl knows her cocktail menu, from Cherry Cosmos to Maple Martinis. So with my expert at my wing, that is where we begun – the cocktail menu, all crafted by an international team of master mixologists. I opted for the Skinny Porn Star Martini, yes I said skinny, 105 calories to be exact. S went for her Sex And The City favourite – Skinny Hummingbird Cosmo. The cocktails not only were presented on the prettiest of china but also came accompanied with a shot of champagne. So when you’re coming to the end of your heavenly sips – pour the champagne into your glass to pick up the remainder of flavours (genius!). Our second drink was recommended to us, the White Wine & Grapes. We were told that a cocktail consisting of wine and vodka wasn’t served in many places because of how strong it is. Accepting the challenge I ordered one. Peardrop infused Snow Queen Vodka, elderflower bitter truth and New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc – not as lethal as you’d expect and actually quite delightful (just don’t order too many if you’ve got a 7am alarm set.) S ended her tipsiness with a strawberry and lavender mojito – all I can say is that it tastes as good as it looks.

To start off the feast, I began with the salmon ceviche with orange, coriander & chilli. It was served in a jam jar, garnished with delicate flowers in periwinkle and the dressing came on the side in a miniature watering can. Thank goodness it wasn’t anything hot, because I spent about ten minutes photographing it. A truly delectable dish that was perfectly light and portioned well for a starter. Presentation deserves an 11/10. S tried the chicken satay with peanut sauce & prawn crackers. She liked it so much that I wasn’t even allowed to try one!

For the main event as I like to call it, I was pleasantly surprised to see my two favourite things in one dish, lobster and burger. It’s an on going struggle for me when I go out to eat to always have to choose between these two. The Fable brings these forces together for a pretty spectacular main course and if you’re as indecisive as I am - it’s the easiest choice on the menu. For chicken lovers, follow in the footsteps of S. She went for the chicken club - chargrilled chicken, mayo, tomato, bacon & salad leaves with chilli jam. She didn’t talk much whilst munching so I presume it was pretty fantastic, sure looked it. The menu has something to offer for everyone, from steaks and market fresh fish to sharing boards and flatbreads, so no need to worry if you're catering for lots of difference tastes.

Those with a sweet tooth can indulge in perfect puddings such as the White Chocolate & Raspberry Crème Brûlée or an old school classic Knickerbocker Glory. To end our indulgence we shared a savoury and a sweet. Ice cream parfait with pistachio, raspberry & a mini doughnut, and a new market cheese board. It hit the spot!

Before we bid our farewells to a spectacular venue and the most attentive staff, we went to explore. To our pure delight, we came across a corner of the restaurant where fresh flowers are available for sale. They sent a sweet smell throughout the bottom floor and what better way to end your date than to buy (although we hope you receive) a bouquet of flowers. We also learned that The Fable is a favourite for girl parties to come along and make your own cocktails (definitely trying this soon).

I like to be fair when recommending restaurants and will always point out the disappointments on an evening if they are big enough. However, I do not have a bad word to say about The Fable. A great venue for after work drinks, a relaxed dining atmosphere with exceptional food and brilliant friendly service. If you work in the area and haven’t tried it out then I strongly suggest you call and make a booking today.

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