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A Fitness Mum's Guide To The School Holidays

By Gemma Drain on Aug 07 2014

So those inevitable 6 weeks are upon us, for most of us Mum's this means the arduous task of juggling entertaining the kids, expensive childcare options and work. Gasp! Finding time for ourselves becomes a valuable commodity and one to be used wisely.

For me, it also means 6 weeks away from my exercise routine (and perhaps my one source of sanity.) Usually you will find me untoned, unhappy and about a stone weightier by the start of September.
With this in mind I have been wracking up as many ideas as possible to combine your childcare with your workout and make both as fun as possible!

  • Child friendly circuits. I use my local school field, or somewhere with a running track already marked out. Separate the track into quarters, each quarter must be ran/hopped/skipped/sprinted, with a stop in each corner for a set of 10 sit ups/star jumps/burpees, or whatever takes your fancy! My daughter loves this, it gets us both out of the house and usually leaves us both in fits of giggles.

  • Cycle for that Sunday Roast - Family dinner? Pub lunch? Picnic in the park? Whatever the occasion, get those bikes out, cycle there, build up an appetite and burn off some of that imminent calorie intake, before you consume your weight in roast potatoes. Plus, after blowing off all that steam, you will find yourself in possession of some super sleepy small people. Total bonus.

  • Gym at home - Ok so this takes a reasonable amount of self motivation. I try to work this into my routine once a week and once bedtime's out of the way, obviously. I set up my mounted bicycle trainer, which transforms my road bike into a home exercise machine. Dig out my favourite box set, for me it's usually The City (Whitney and Olivia's legs are enough to keep me peddling) and off we go. The idea is to become so submerged in what you're watching, you completely forget you're working out, before you know it you'll have an hour under your belt and and be feeling fantastic!

  • Swimming - ok so it's an old and obvious favourite, but there's good reason for that. I always try to organise my daughter's swim sessions as play dates. Another pair of adult eyes mean you can take it in turns to watch the kids, giving the other the opportunity to actually swim. We normally agree on 10 lengths and then switch over. Plus an extra child means they will entertain one another, giving you time for a chat! Everyone's a winner.