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Porky's BBQ

By Lori on Aug 11 2014

This week we decided to venture to Bankside to try out the new opening of Porky's BBQ. If you live in the Camden area, then you most likely would have crossed their first establishment, just past the stables market.

Porky's BBQ is the food child of road-tripping husband and wife team, Simon and Joy Brigg. They travelled the deep south of America, in a quest to find the best cuisine throughout the states. Think memphis-style smoked meats and classic soul food brought together in a non fussy menu.

The restaurant is designed with brick walls and a backdrop of posters and memorabilia from road trips across the deep south. Porky's BBQ name hangs as the focal point in circus lights. As you walk in, you leave London at the door and step into the best pit stop in the south!

We started with what we know best...the cocktail menu, well so we thought. We were pleasantly surprised to see none of the generic favourites such as a cosmo or a dirty martini. Instead, Porky's cocktails consist of the best whiskeys and bourbons. Specials include 'cowboys and cobblers’ (Evan Williams bourbon, peach syrup, lemon and red wine) and ‘seven seas of rye’ (Rittenhouse Rye, sweet vermouth, salt and chocolate bitters). We decided to try out The Gail Force. This is probably the tallest cocktail I have ever tried, bursting with orange bitters with a smooth taste of rum and vanilla.

Once you're finished wanting to try every cocktail on the menu, it's time to warm up with bbq wings and crab cakes with chipotle mayo. The crab cakes were a pure delight but the chipotle mayo was a show stopper all by itself. Once you have tried it, you're going to want to smother it on everything! (honestly, I'd put this on my eggs in the morning, OBSESSED!) The wings boasted exceptional flavour and defined an authentic slow-cooked American barbecue dish.

What's great about the menu is it's simplicity. Your choice is easy because it has all your favourites. The difference is, they taste so much better than you could ever imagine. This was evident in the homeburger I ordered for my main. A burger is a burger right? Well Porky's don't think so, the patty is so succulent and bursts with flavour, every bite is treasured. One of, if not the best burger I have tried in London. Accompanied with a healthy portion of fries and an array of deep south sauces to try. No fuss, just good food.

S, my food partner in crime, decided to try the cobb salad. I'm always rather disappointed when someone goes to dinner and orders a salad. However, when hers came, I couldn't help but want to go back for more of my 5 a day. The portion size was huge, so no worries about leaving hungry! A perfect classic combo of chicken, smokey bacon and all the greens. Think 'club sandwich' flavours, in a dish!

Before finishing our feast with a slice of warm chocolate pecan pie sat on a cloud of whipped cream AND a strawberry shortbread sundae for those with a sweet tooth and a hearty appetite. We ended with one more cocktail, the Apple Sour which is essentially a cinnamon dream with flavours of home made apple pie & egg whites. Sweet and delicate, the perfect ending to a deliciously filling evening.

I definitely haven't tried enough on this menu, so there is with no doubt that I will be back to get my fork into a mug of house beef chilli, the spiced catfish and the baked vanilla cheesecake with mixed berries.

I would say if you have a boyfriend, then this is the place to bring him to impress. Whiskeys including flavoured, rye and Tennessee varieties, must-try hounddogs and don't forget every Wednesday there is Man vs Ribs for the brave and the hungry.

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