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Claudia Schiffer's Scarf Collection

By Lori on Aug 19 2014

Step into Autumn with Claudia Schiffer. This week we are looking into the investment pieces that can be worn all year round and instantly refresh your wardrobe. Claudia Schiffer known for her iconic Chloe sunglasses, has also been making another accessory her own: the silk scarf. Schiffer has been spotted frequently donning a printed scarf to update her basic pieces from blouses to knitwear, denim and skirts.

It is the easiest styling trick in the book once you know how to master the look. Schiffer sticks to the rule of making sure her scarf has the same colour hue as her outfit, the colour creates the cohesion of the look! The scarf is an understated style piece that can truly transform an outfit. Wear them in your hair on a Summer's day with a white dress, tye them round your bag or do it the Burberry way. This season, Burberry has been showing us the full diversity of the scarf, from cinching it around the waist, draping it over one shoulder or wearing it around your neck but clinched in at the waist under a belt. The scarf is bound to be a game changer for Autumn fashion, grab your preloved one now and be the first in line for the race.