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My Top London Running Spots

By Gemma Drain on Aug 28 2014

So I recently cut my deep Suffolk countryside roots and up and moved to the city. Having been a country lass for over 20 years now, it has been quite the adjustment, not least to my marathon training. A short walk to the end of the road used to open me up to miles upon miles of open meadows and unused railway tracks, now footpaths. Running was easy, you just picked a direction and went. Now it takes time and effort to plan a route, then there's the constant stopping to cross roads and dodging slow moving pedestrians. So it's taken a few hours of experimenting (and a few wrong turns!) But here are my top London running sports (so far!)

-Highbury Fields. Beautiful, open, flat and full of gym bunnies and cute Dad's to keep you motivated. Part of the ParkRun network, there's a 5k every Saturday morning. Registration is free and there's a group coffee meet up afterwards!

-Hampstead Heath. Best for a challenge. With its varied terrain, woodland, track and grass. The hill climbs are worth the extra effort just for the views!

-Wimbledon Common. With plenty of events, Wimbledon common offers an anual half marathon, as well as various 5 and 10k's to keep you in the competitive spirit, plus a healthy sprinkling to celebs add to the landscape!

-Regent's Canal. Running all the way from the east end through Regent's park and ending in beautiful Little Venice, the Regent's canal offers 9.3miles of (almost) traffic free jogging routes, it's also super pretty!