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Cash in your closet!

By Vicki Metcalfe on Dec 23 2012

Over spent for Christmas? Wardrobes bursting at the seams? January is the perfect time to cash in your closet and sell your wares in the ultimate January wardrobe detox! Join our stylish network of sellers and cash in your closet!

Our network of stylish sellers is now at 100+ and growing by the day. If you have a wardrobe of pre-owned and vintage designer, boutique and high end high street items worth raiding then we want to hear from you. Join our style network and start selling to a network of like minded fashion lovers!

A little background…

Since 2008, our designer fashion recycling events have been putting a stamp firmly in the diaries of the UK’s most discerning fashion lovers. August 2012 saw the much anticipated launch of, an exclusive online marketplace for fashion savvy individuals to trade pre-loved designer fashion.

Fronted by former fashion designer Kal Di Paola and with former Gucci Group Executive Mimma Viglezio on the board of directors, BuyMyWardrobe has established itself as the insiders’ destination for pre-loved designer fashion. The regular fashion recycling events see groups of carefully selected women gathering to sell the unwanted contents of their designer wardrobes to members of the public. The sellers are some of the UK’s most stylish women, including the likes of Mimma Viglezio, Marketing Manager at Stella McCartney Akiko Takashima, What Not to Wear stylist Zoe Lem and Personal Stylist and TV Presenter Nicky Hambleton Jones. Sign up now to ensure you’re amongst the first to hear about our next event!

The online sellers are no exception, hand-selected for their personal style, a mix of previous popular sellers and newfound fashionistas. Seller memberships are invite only, gained through application or referral and only given out to approved stylish women. Once approved they can sell their ever-expanding wardrobes and cash strapped fashion lovers can take advantage of barely worn and expertly sourced designer clothing at a fraction of the retail price. The pre-approval of sellers means that is a trusted online community where fashion followers can not only buy and sell pre-loved fashion but can network, browse and be inspired.

Join The Preloved Revolution.