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The Balenciaga City Bag

By Lori on Sep 08 2014

Bags come and go, they have their shining moment on fashion's A-listers for a mere few months and then they're replaced by the next hot thing. However, every so often, there is bag that is seen religiously on celebrities and fashion royalty for years. One of these bags is the Balenciaga city bag.

The city bag was first on the scene a couple of years ago when it was the only bag to be had. Worn more than once (shock horror) by the Olsens, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Nicole was amongst the hierarchy of the It girl bag. A must have, a statement.

Years on and in an array of different colours and textures, this bag is still hanging on the shoulders of the most fashionable. To say this bag is an investment piece is an understatement. It's chic and easy to wear, an all seasoner. Why not take notes from Olivia Palermo and opt for it in red.