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Falling For Faux Fur

By Lori on Sep 06 2014

Fur has always caused controversy amongst the fashion industry, battles and internet wars world wide surround this matter on a serious level. But maybe a peace offering has been the form of bright coloured faux fur coats and accessories! Yup, faux fur has suddenly just become the number one thing on your Autumn fashion shopping list. Gone are the days where wearing fur meant it had to be real and you had to have a significant amount of 0s in your bank account to ultimately buy an item declaring social status.

For the first time ever, the fake is better than the real and we think the fashion industry deserves a massive brownie point for this revolution!

Designers such as Helen Moore and Hannah Weiland took last season fashion week by storm with their coloured faux fur. Shrimps coats sold out on the likes of Net-a-porter and Avenue 22. So we're saying start early, as soon as the new season hit those lovely online shopping shelves, go for it. It might seem a little outrageous to invest in a bright blue furry coat, but in reality we are just upset we didn't buy ours last Winter. They're still on trend and we still have a million things to wear them with.

If you want to test drive the faux fur trend then shop our preloved coats that just came to us this week. We've already bought one each ourselves and started calling ourselves the BuyMyWardrobe bears (joke...well kinda).