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The Story Behind ACNE

By Lori on Sep 05 2014

ACNE studios was founded in 1996 in Stockholm under the creative collective ACNE Studios that focused of film, advertising and digital . ACNE stands for "Ambition to Create Novel Expressions". Jonny Johansson one of the founders and now Global Creative Director has stated that he liked the idea of "appropriating a difficult word" because until ACNE the brand developed, the word acne was only associated with the skin disorder.

Johansson and his three other founders made one hundred pairs of jeans and gave them to friends, family and creative kids in Stockholm. The popularity sky rocketed, catching the eye of Wallpaper Magazine and Vogue Paris. This is when the studio dedicated more time to it's fashion department by launching their ecommerce website and seperating it from the other's in the ACNE collective.

Since launch, Acne Studios has grown into a global fashion house with retail stores around the world including Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo. ACNE is a mens and womens brand who showcase at Paris Fashion Week and turn over around $120 million a year.

One of ACNE's biggest success stories is the Pistol boot which has been labelled the fast selling boot of all time. They're so popular because of how versatile they are, you can really wear them rain or shine. Made with a low, chunky stacked heel, round toe and stitched panelling. Flattering yet practical.