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London Fashion Week - The British Red Cross Takeover

By Emma Slade on Sep 09 2014

This London Fashion Week SS15, in collaboration with The British Red Cross, Back of the Wardrobe are on a mission - to prove that you don’t need a big budget to be on trend, that fashion is for everyone, and that shopping sustainably by buying charity shop and second hand clothing is cooler than you ever imagined.

Annually, during SS London Fashion Week, I team up with a different charity and produce 'Charity Fashion Live'. This year, on the 13th September, I'm working with The British Red Cross. Together with a team of top industry professionals in The British Red Cross' Westminster store on Buckingham Palace Road, we'll reproduce looks coming off of the catwalk in live real time, using ONLY items we find there. We'll share these looks alongside their LFW counterpart as well as a frenzied account of the day on social as we go. Images will be taken by Fashion photographer Claire Pepper this year and The outfits themselves will then be auctioned off on eBay to raise money for TBRC.

Last year we recreated Holly Fulton, Sister by Sibling and Zoe Jordan but the beauty really is that we just don't know what we're going to get and who we'll be recreating till the day.

The concept is to show people that fashion can be accessible to everyone, and shopping secondhand can be glamorous. It's also a great platform to use fashion for positive change and to highlight how buying second hand can help decrease the amount of clothing heading to landfill each year. Therefore promoting a more sustainable clothing culture, where people value and treasure their clothes instead of subscribing to a throwaway culture. We want to empower people to use creativity to get the more out of clothes.

To get a taste for the action watch last year’s film or find out more on the blog.

Stay tuned to @backofwardrobe @BritishRedCross and on Saturday the 13th September 2014 to see the #LFWBOW ensembles as they materialize and watch the full film as soon as it’s released.